GuideSteve Springer

Steve is an avid outdoorsman and boater who enjoys sharing wilderness experiences with fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Steve is an excellent birder, has worked as a biologist for the Alaska Bird Observatory and enthusiastically guides birders from all around the globe whenever he has the chance. Come fall, Steve trades his river boats in for a dog sled or skis and goes mushing or skijoring with his huskies under the aurora. Steve’s “day-job” is at the Alaska Satellite Facility tracking satellites.

It’s ironic that his bio is so short- he is never at a loss for words. His stories of adventures and natural history always delight and amuse his companions.

“My favorite river to float and explore is the Kongakut because it’s so remote and has so much to offer, great fishing, scenery, wildlife and hiking polished off with the polar bear plunge in the Arctic Ocean at the end.” ~ Steve