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Quality Field Logistics

Logistics can make or break your project. With decades of experience outfitting and leading projects in remote locations throughout Alaska, we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve your goals, no matter how ambitious. Top of the line equipment, coupled with well thought out and cost-effective transportation logistics allows you to focus on your work while our competent staff take care of the details.

Arctic Wild has experience with research projects from top to tail in Alaska, with sites ranging from the sea ice of the Chukchi Sea to the rainforests of Southeast Alaska. With bases of operation in Haines, Fairbanks, and False Pass we have resources throughout the state along with connections and contacts to help you plan and execute any type of field research project.


  • Field Camps
  • Expeditions
  • Location Consultation
  • Safety Training
  • Risk Management
  • Boats
  • Snowmachines
  • Remote Power
  • Transportation Contracting

Previous Projects:

  • University of North Carolina
  • University of Oregon
  • University of Innsbruck
  • University of Colorado
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
  • North Slope Borough Department of Wildlife Management
  • The United States Geological Survey
  • The Alaska Department of Natural Resources
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • The United States Forest Service

Procurement of local outfitters increases productivity of scientific expeditions across Alaska. Andersen S., Wald M., et al

Abstract: Due to the remote locations, challenging field conditions, and complex logistics involved in conducting research in polar regions, scientists from outside the region are more likely to accomplish research goals when hiring local guides and outfitters than when they embark on research projects without logistical support.

Methods: All data collected here is entirely anecdotal and should not be taken very seriously. The conclusions are nonetheless accurate and Arctic Wild really can help you achieve your research goals.

Results: An informal survey of scientists who have contracted with Arctic Wild to support a range of science projects including archeological surveys, wildlife studies, remote sensing, sedimentation, hydrology, and forestry found that 100% projects were more productive than they would have been without local support.


Available Equipment

Summer or winter. Over snow, water or by air, we can establish a comfortable and productive camp nearly anywhere. We build camps to your specifications and transport them to your location based on your requirements. Need a light mobile camp? No problem. Need a winter camp for 20 people on the sea ice? We can do that. Boat based project? We know the right vessel. Can’t figure out how to get to a remote area? We can help. Let our decades of experience help you succeed.

Summer Tented Camps

  • Group Shelters
  • Sleep Tents
  • Sleeping Kits

Winter Heated Camps

  • Arctic Oven Tents
  • Wall Tents
  • Wood, Oil, and Propane Stoves
  • -40 Sleep Kits

Snowmachines (Snowmobile)

  • 4-stroke Skidoo
  • Freight Sleds

Remote Power

  • Battery Banks
  • Generators
  • Solar Panels


  • Rafts
  • Canoes
  • Packrafts
  • Aluminum River Boats
    • Jet
    • Prop
  • Aluminum Ocean Boats
    • Open Skiff
    • Ship Charters

Fuel Storage


  • Satellite Phones
  • Starlink
  • InReach


Medical Kits

"The wilderness was spectacular, the leadership perfect."
"I am just finishing my tenth trip with you guys. As always, the trip was more than I expected and I had a great time. See you next year!"
"Of all outfitters with whom we have worked (and that is quite a number), you were by far the most organized and responsive."
"That feeling of wide open wonder, the possibilities for nearly limitless wandering, and the image of those proud caribou...that will stay with me a long time"
"Our guide was an encyclopedia on legs. He was always willing and ready to teach, to talk, to listen, to do another hike, or to lie low in camp if we were beat. He truly gave us the trip we wanted!"
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Eileen - Canning River