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ARCTIC DESTINATIONSKatmai National Park, Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Island Tours

Katmai is home of the bear; Aleutians birthplace of the winds. The Alaska Peninsula is rugged, wild, and rich with wildlife and history.

About Katmai Canoe trips and Alaska Peninsula Camping

Katmai is a wilderness park like no other. Famous for Katmai bears, some of the worlds largest, and prolific salmon runs, Katmai is the Alaska of your dreams. We offer bear viewing wilderness trips from the the wave battered Pacific coast to the broad glacial lakes of the Alaska Peninsula. We can arrange custom trips to climb volcanoes or fish a world-class river. The rich ecology and rugged beauty of Alaska’s Katmai National Park are unmatched

But the Alaska Peninsula has much more than just Katmai. With walrus haulouts like Cape Seniavin, volcanic craters like Aniakchak National Monument and virtually unknown but world-class bear viewing at Becharof National Wildlife Refuge.

About the Aleutian Island Camping Trips

Stretching from the tip of the Alaska Peninsula across the International Date Line, the Aleutian Islands are a paradise for birders, geologists and naturalists of every stripe. Smoking volcanoes, bubbling hot-springs, enormous bird rookeries, whales and a lush tundra landscape make the Aleutians a magical place to travel. Whether your interest is in Aleutian Hot Springs, or watching whales feed in the rish Bering Sea, our Aleutian Island trips will show you the best of this remote and rarely traveled landscape.

Geography of Katmai

Katmai encompasses 3.6 million acres on the Alaska Peninsula and stretches from the Pacific Coast nearly to Bristol Bay. In addition to the famous bears, Katmai is home to several active volcanoes and the crater from the cataclysmic eruption of Novarupta which created the Valley of 10,000 Smokes. Ice fields and glaciers cover the volcanoes and have carved huge lakes in the interior of the Park.

Katmai Bears and other Wildlife

With more than 2,000 Brown Bears in Katmai National Park, we see them daily if not hourly on our Katmai Trips. Millions of salmon spawn in the many productive rivers and Katmai bears are amongst the biggest on earth. The rivers and lakes support not only salmon but also rainbow trout, pike, and dolly varden in astounding quantity. The Eastern Aleutians are similar to Katmai in terms of wildlife but west of Unimak Island there are few terrestrial animals like bears. The Aleutians teem with marine life and birds seen nowhere else in North America. Pacific Walrus haul-out on the Alaska Peninsula and offer the best Walrus viewing opportunities in Alaska.

Camping and Canoeing Trips in Katmai National Park and the Aleutian Islands

We offer professionally guided canoe, and base camp trips in both the forested interior of Katmai and along the dramatic Pacific coasts of Katmai and the Aleutian Islands. We are one of the only companies offering true wilderness camping trips along the Katmai and Bering Sea Coasts. Our years of experience provide you with safe and memorable wildlife encounters in one of the most biologically rich and beautiful parts of Alaska.



July 6, 2020 - July 10, 2020
Bears of the Katmai Coast