Glaciers and Fjords – Long Weekend in Alaska

Glaciers and Fjords – Long Weekend in Alaska


August 4, 2021 - August 7, 2021


Southeast Alaska


$3,200/ person



August 4, 2021 - August 7, 2021


Southeast Alaska


$3,200/ person

From the rugged glaciers of the Chilkat Range to the calm waters of our local fjord we’ll explore the beauty and contrasts of northern Southeast Alaska with this combination rafting, hiking, biking, wildlife and kayaking trips near Haines, the “Adventure Capital” of Alaska.


In a tangle of mountains at the end of the famed Inside Passage lies the small fishing town of Haines Alaska, population 2,200. With North America’s longest and deepest fjord in the front yard and some of America’s tallest peaks out back, Haines is an ideal place to base our adventures.

After an afternoon arrival into Juneau, you’ll fly with a regional airline on a scenic 30 minute flight up Lynn Canal to Haines. We will meet you at the airport and help you settle into your accommodations.

The next day we start our adventure in earnest upriver from Haines along the Chilkat River, which is known for huge congregations of eagles and creeks filled with salmon. We’ll start off with a drive to the home of one of Haines’ quirkiest residents, Steve Kroschel, and his wildlife center where he has relatively tame moose, porcupines, bears, wolves, and more. It is a fun way to start an adventurous day. Afterwards, we start our bike trip down a dirt road which narrows and then largely disappears into expansive river flats with towering peaks dwarfing the river and the ancient spruce forests below. Where the trail disappears into the river we will enjoy a nice lunch and meet our rafts and raft guides who are ready for a 10 mile paddle down the Tsirku River. For the adventurous in the group we will have single person packrafts available so you can negotiate the river on your own.

Then we are off down the glacial river past sheer cliffs, around “Devil’s Elbow” and towards the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. We can stop halfway down and hike to a clear water stream where there is often good fishing. We have all afternoon to savor the wildlands and wildlife. Near the end of our rafting trip the river splays out into uncountable channels and here we are likely to see bears and eagles fishing.

Wildlife, mountain biking, rafting, hiking, and fishing all in a single day. Welcome to Alaska. Once we reach the road and unload the raft, we’ll be back to the friendly town of Haines and within half an hour be chatting with fishermen and guides at the renowned Haines Brewing Company before choosing a nice restaurant for dinner and retiring to a local B&B for the evening.


Adventure #2 Starts just 10 miles away but in a world apart. The austere ice-scraped mountains loom above the the great northern rainforest with 5 ft diameter spruce and moss several feet thick. Our route through this forest is the cold and rich Chilkat Inlet, a fjord thousands of feet deep and 70 miles long.

We will head to the docks and make our way past the salmon boats where we board our water-taxi for a quick trip to our private campsite pitched between the forest and the sea with views of mountains in all directions. Once we settle into camp and stow our gear in the tents we’ll get ready for a paddle. Sea kayaks provide a good balance of intimacy with the ocean and safety from it. The weather dictates our movements and there are lots of places to explore. We can beach comb the rock islets, hike inland or even make a trek to the face of one of the many nearby glaciers.

With a 25 ft tidal range the beaches can stretch long and broad at low tide. And when the tide is in we can paddle underneath the drooping hemlock branches. Grassy flats, sandy beaches, cobbles, cliffs and the big tree forests offer a great variety of areas to explore. A sturdy and warm camp, blazing beach fire, and food fresh from the sea make a perfect end to a day exploring on the water and in the woods. Wildlife is unpredictable but the fjord’s rich waters feed salmon, halibut, cod and a host of other fish, which in turn feed humpback whales, harbor porpoise, and Stellar’s sea lions in the water and bears, wolves, fox and eagles on land. The fresh air will tires us out and we will be eager to snuggle into our sleeping bags for the night.

A tinge of smoke makes the morning coffee all the better.  The sounds of the waves and birds might make you feel like you never want to leave. But before long you’ll hear the thrum of a motor as a boat arrives at our beach. Hop aboard for a quick ride back to Haines. We will stop to grab your gear from the B&B before heading out to Chilkoot River for an afternoon of fly-fishing before you board the evening ferry for a beautiful ride back to Juneau where you spend a final night in Alaska before flying home the following day.


Last updated: November 22, 2021


What follows is a general flow of events. Expect the unexpected and prepare to be flexible.

August 4

Arrive in Juneau and transfer to Alaska Sea Planes for a quick flight to Haines. Then settle into your accommodations and enjoy an evening in Haines.

August 5

Drive upriver and visit Kroschel’s Wildlife Park before biking to the Tsirku River and rafting down through the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve.

August 6

Water taxi to our camp on the beach. Afternoon kayaking and hiking. Tent camping and camp cooking by the inlet.

August 7

Boat trip back to Haines before fly-fishing and finally a ferry to Juneau. Hotel in Juneau.

August 8

Early departures from Juneau.

Stellar guides!

They went above and beyond the typical guide responsibilities and there was never a demarcation between guide and client–we were one pack of unruly rabble-rousers, loving every breathtaking minute on that wild river.  One of the best trips of my life.
Thank you!

- Nancy, Indiana, USA



1 night lodging in Juneau

2 night lodging in Haines

1 night beach camping

Tsirku biking and rafting trip

Visit to Kroschel Wildlife Park

One-way ferry from Haines to Juneau

One-way flight from Juneau to Haines with Alaska Seaplanes

Boating, camping and safety equipment

Food while in the field

Professional guide service


Transportation to Juneau

Food in Haines

Lodging beyond the 3 nights included in the itinerary

Alcoholic beverages

Personal clothing and gear per our Equipment List

Gratuity for guides


The weather in Southeast Alaska is highly variable. It can be almost summery with temperatures up to 75 F with sunshine or we can be visited by powerful storms with heavy rain and temperatures closer to 40 degress. The weather inland tends to be drier and cooler with the coast a bit warmer and damp. Each year is different and each day will be different. Pack for the cold and wet, but bring a short-sleeve shirt in case summer is lovely this year. Weather data is available at here.


Jimmy Bluefeather by Kim Heacox

Love Finds You in Glacier Bay by Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss

Across the Shaman’s River by Dan Henry

Blonde Indian by Ernestine Hayes

"The wilderness was spectacular, the leadership perfect."
"I am just finishing my tenth trip with you guys. As always, the trip was more than I expected and I had a great time. See you next year!"
"Of all outfitters with whom we have worked (and that is quite a number), you were by far the most organized and responsive."
"That feeling of wide open wonder, the possibilities for nearly limitless wandering, and the image of those proud caribou...that will stay with me a long time"
"Our guide was an encyclopedia on legs. He was always willing and ready to teach, to talk, to listen, to do another hike, or to lie low in camp if we were beat. He truly gave us the trip we wanted!"
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