Posted on August 04, 2010 under General
Alaska Kiddie Camp-out

By Michael Wald, Co-owner and GuideAlaska Camping with Kids

I will admit, when we first had kids I feared our days of wilderness travel might be over. But while we haven’t launched off on any month long canoe trips with our boys (now age 2 and 4) we do manage to get them and ourselves out into the wilds of Alaska with some regularity. We have learned that stalking caribou with a babbling 1 year old isn’t the best way to get your winter meat. We have learned that they like picking berries better than hiking past them and we have learned that we need to allot plenty of time for swimming in ice cold lakes and rivers. Fast and light isn’t how our family travels but we have a great time out in the wilds. Last week we took our boys to Tangle Lakes in the Alaska Range along with 2 other families for 5 days of paddling, fishing and berry picking.  We brought Alaska Fishing with Kidsalong one of the big cook tents we use on our guided Base camp trips so we could all hide from the rain and while the fishing wasn’t as good as a Kobuk River trip, nothing beats watching a 4 year-old hook a grayling. In a couple of weeks I’m going to try backpacking with my boys. We might not get very far but I’ll guarantee you we are gonna have a lot of fun getting there. If any of you have a young family that would have fun camping in the wild’s of Alaska we would be happy to plan a custom trip for you, in the arctic or almost anywhere in Alaska.