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Alaska Winter Adventure Trip

Alaska Winter Trip

Alaskans are a devious bunch. We do everything we can to tell the world about how terribly cold and miserable winter in Alaska is. We brag about the -50 temperatures in the Interior, the howling winds on the North Slope and the 30+ feet of snow that fell last winter on the coast. But what you don’t hear much about is the glory of late winter when the days are long, wildlife is on the move, and the snow makes travel a breeze.

I guess we just want to hog the millions of acres of unvisited wilderness for ourselves. But if you promise not to tell your neighbors about how warm and comfortable you were in the wood-stove heated tent; and you can resist sharing the photographs of the wolf that chased the caribou through the chest deep snow; and most importantly don’t tell anyone about how it felt to have the entire Gates of the Arctic National Park to yourself, then we would love it if you would join us for our Winter Snowshoe Adventure this April.

Maybe you are saying to yourself that late April isn’t really winter, and maybe that is the point. You get to return home bragging about how you braved an Alaska winter and in your head you will think back on the long twilight with the Brooks Range orange and pink, and the laughter and good food in the warm cook tent.

Winter Adventure is our best kept secret. Find out why April 21 -27, 2013.

Winter Wildlife in Alaska

By Michael Wald. Co-owner and Guide.