Posted on June 21, 2010 under General
Exploring the Colville Headwaters

By Co-owner and guide Michael Wald

Summer is in full swing with small groups of adventurous souls scattered about the tundra, binoculars trained on caribou, wolves, falcons, and loons. I just returned from a wonderful canoe trip in the Colville Headwaters. As soon as we landed, we knew we were in for a great trip. Bands of caribou were on every mountain, the sun was shining and there was not a bug in sight. Starting as high on the Nuka River as we dared, we spent a few days hiking along the arctic divide before inflating our boats and heading down stream. The river was so small in its headwaters that we had to line the boats at first, but once a couple side creeks added to the flow it was smooth sailing. Ok not totally smooth sailing, the Nuka is fast, shallow, and rocky. I was in a heavier gear-laden canoe and the others paddled inflatable kayaks so we each had our own difficulties. After the first full day of paddling, the kayakers gained skill and confidence and the river gained enough depth that the miles clicked by without to much trouble. I will write more about the wildlife, hiking and adventures but for now I just wanted to share a little video of longtime friend and client Jerry enjoying himself in the De Long Mountains.