Posted on November 29, 2012 under General, Trip Reports
Walrus Viewing in Alaska

Walrus Patrick Enders Photo

We are very excited by our newest wildlife focused trip. Next July we plan on visiting the Alaska Peninsula to view and photograph Pacific Walrus in one of the most reliable haul-outs in Alaska. Just getting to this far flung beach on the Bering Sea coast will be an adventure, and once we set-up our weather worthy camp we should have unparalleled opportunities for viewing and photographing pacific walrus resting on the beach. The bluffs above the beach provide a good vantage point for watching the walrus without disturbing them and I hear reports that the big coastal brown bears regularly test the resting walrus to see if they can’t catch one for dinner. But even for the biggest bears on earth, a 2,700 pound male walrus with 3 ft tusks isn’t on the menu. Fortunately for the bears there are productive salmon streams nearby. We will have front row seats to watch it all.

Walrus, Bears, Foxes, Sea-birds, endless sandy beaches, tundra ponds, sandy bluffs, and the excitement of the big Alaska wilderness are sure to make this a unique and memorable trip. Come explore this wildlife rich part of Alaska with us July 22-26, 2013. Read the full Walrus Trip itinerary and join the adventure.