Rental Request Form

Arctic Wild has a small selection of gear available to rent. We make every effort to maintain quality equipment at reasonable prices. Rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Rental requests made less than 60 days before your trip cannot be guaranteed. We will distribute rental gear at the pre-trip meeting the day before your trip and will collect it at trip’s end. If you are on a custom/ private trip. there is no charge for your equipment.

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Are you on a Custom Trip?

Gear Quantity
Three-Season Tent 1 person ($50)
2 person ($75)
Sleeping Bag Regular ($40)
Long ($40)
Thermarest Sleeping Pad Standard ($25)
Large Dry Bag Standard ($25)
Heavy Duty Bib Style Rain Pants Standard ($20)
Rubber Boots - Men sizes Standard ($30)
Total for Equipment Rentals
(Rentals are free of charge for Custom Trips)

Your Request was submitted successfully. You can add this amount, if any, to your final payment due 60 days prior to your trip’s start date and mail along with your “Participant Agreement”, or you can pay for your rentals with PayPal now. We apologize, but we can’t accept credit cards for full payment of the trip.