GuideCynthia (Cyn) Merrow

A week after graduating from college Cynthia got her first taste of Alaska having flown, hitchhiked, and ferried to Kodiak to spend the summer commercial fishing for salmon. That initial feeling of freedom and adventure inspired her to travel the world and ultimately spend time on all seven continents. Cynthia fell in love with whitewater rafting while working as a river guide on the New and Gauley rivers, not far from her mother’s childhood home in West Virginia.  Life on the river captivated her and steered Cynthia west to work on the rivers in Idaho and Arizona; the Lochsa,  Salmon, Snake, and the Colorado.

The idea to return to Alaska came to her during the eight months she worked at McMurdo Station during an Antarctic winter. In 2003, Cynthia packed up her van and drove north to Alaska for “just another adventure” and never left.

When not working on the home she and her husband built in the woods or guiding multi-day trips in Alaska and the Grand Canyon, Cynthia can be found skiing, bicycling, backpacking, or kayaking in her  backyard and beyond. Cyn delights in sharing new adventures in the Alaska wilderness with folks eager to observe, listen, and learn from the natural world.