Guide EmeritusRon Yarnell

In the early 1970’s, long before other guiding companies, Ron started Wilderness Alaska-Mexico to share his passion for the Brooks Range with others. Ron’s company eventually grew into Arctic Wild with Michael and Sally organizing the trips. Freed from administrative duties, Ron can concentrate on what he likes best, showing participants the magnificence of the arctic wilderness. Ron enjoys helping people experience the wilderness and sharing his knowledge of animals, plants, geology, and local history.

When any of us at Arctic Wild need information about a river or backpacking route, Ron invariably knows the answer. Ron’s depth of experience is part of what make Arctic Wild special. When Ron isn’t guiding for Arctic Wild he and his partner, Lynn Larsen, enjoy traveling by snowmobile, cross country ski or snowshoe throughout northern Alaska. On those rare occasions when Ron isn’t out roaming the Brooks Range or at one of his Brooks Range cabins, Ron can be found hard at work at his Fairbanks home, fighting to protect arctic Alaska from unsustainable development.

Ron tells us he has retired from guiding as of 2018. But we’ll keep him on the website and hope he’ll help on a trip or two in the future. He will always be a part of Arctic Wild!