GuideJody Potts

Jody Juneby Potts is Han Gwich’in and an enrolled tribal member of the Native Village of Eagle. A subsistence hunter and fisherwoman, Jody grew up on her Indigenous lands and has taught her children how to hunt and fish along with a lot of other young people. Passionate about wellness and Gwich’in values, Jody is a traditional Gwich’in tattoo practitioner, dog musher, snowboard instructor and wilderness guide.  Her experience on the land comes from generations of knowledge and experience in Alaska.

With a B.S. in Applied Indigenous Studies and Environmental Management, Jody’s work bridges together environmental science and Indigenous knowledge. She served as Vice Chair of former Alaska Governor Walker’s Tribal Advisory Council and as a board member to the Alaska Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

She is currently the Board Secretary for the Alaska Wilderness League and President/Co-founder of Data for Indigenous Justice. Jody is a tireless advocate for the protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil development, guided by her Gwich’in elders and leaders who have fought to protect their homelands for generations. Jody shares her experience and observations of climate change in the Arctic.  Early 2021, Jody and her two oldest kids founded a new organization called, “Native Youth Outdoors” which aims to get more Alaska Native Youth participating in outdoor recreation to help with health, wellness, resiliency, and to increase diversity of outdoor spaces.  Jody’s goal is to increase accessibility for Indigenous youth and other people of color in the outdoors and help create a welcome place for all.

Today Jody can be found at her family’s fishcamp on the Yukon River whittling wood, cooking over a campfire, processing salmon or building their next project, or mushing dogs with her kids and partner.